The Collective Noun For A Group of Golden Retrievers is a Happy!

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If you follow Golden Dog Farm, you know that Farmer Doug's favorite new tool is called a GlowForge, and that I like to call anything I make on it a GlowForgerie. I sat down with with the GlowForge on Father's Day 2022 and started making keychains as my first project. That skillset (it is admittedly generous to call it a skill as the laser does all the work) has been put to good use on behalf of the Happiness is Golden brand. These hand crafted keychains are laser cut, laser engraved and of course feature the Happiness is Golden logo. Carry one of these, and you'll never forget the "keys" to happiness. Dad puns are given a pass on Father's Day, so you are going to have to give my "laser wit" a pass.

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